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Paws Up USA

Variety Pack

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Don’t know what to get your furbabies? 

Choose from 4 of our different choices: 

  • Beef Pack: 1 oz of beef jerky, 2 oz of beef liver, and 2 pieces each of beef tendon & collagen sticks
  • Poultry Pack: 2 oz each of chicken jerky & heart and 3 pieces each of chicken feet & duck feet
  • Sampler Pack: 1 oz each of smelt & green lipped mussels, 3 oz chicken jerky along with 2 pieces of duck feet.
  • Seafood Pack: 1 oz each of smelt & green lipped mussels, 1 piece each of octopus, squid chip, & whole squid

Our chews are always free from artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives, making them a healthy and wholesome addition to any dog's diet.

Sourced and made in USA. Military family owned small business. Quality over quantity.